Meet the ambassador: Gelzomina

Jasmine Gastaldello, aka Gelzomina, has created for us an animation that is nothing short of stellar. She would like the world to be a more vibrant and vibrant place and to fulfill this desire she has created one of her own. Let's get to know her better in this interview.

Gelzomina considers herself a visual speaker, she loves colors and wants to look at the world with eyes full of wonder, like children. When everything is too gray and monotonous, she invents new ways to live and tell her reality about her.

Letshelter wants to thank her for working with us as an ambassador and we dedicate this space to you to make yourself known better.

"Hi, I'm Jasmine, for the internet Gelzomina, I'm 20 years old and I have had a problem with colors for about 14. I've never been too good at expressing myself in words so I do it through images, I consider myself a visual speaker: my collages, my illustrations and animations express what I feel inside, what my mind creates. Colors fascinate me, I would like the world to be more saturated, vivid and bright, a bit like my drawings are."


"Colored pencils are a must in my creations. I have a very childish visual style that recalls the drawings of the children that I envy so much: a child can draw a sun with rays and a smiley face because that's how the sun is for him, I find children's drawings pure because they live in their enchanted reality. When I was little I created imaginary worlds only through my mind and my eyes brought them back to what I saw, for me it was all real, growing up this thing obviously gets lost. Through what I do I try to chase that lightness that only the little ones have the privilege of having, I recreate my crazy world and I try to live in it and pass it on to the viewer. I experience the space around me as a search for inner peace: I try to be very orderly in contrast to the mental confusion that accompanies me from birth, at the same time my walls are full of drawings and colors as if they were windows to my world."

"The only thing that is in constant disorder are my work tools: colored pencils, papers and newspapers are scattered all over the house ready for every flash of creativity that when it arrives needs to be realized instantly otherwise it becomes like a thorn under the foot, you feel it and it will annoy you until you get rid of it; I like to imagine that it is the 8-year-old me screaming to take control of my hands, to start creating and I, of course, give her white paper to color."

Gelzomina X Lethselte