Are you our ideal customer? Here's how to find out

The 5 aspects we love most about your uniqueness, explained in a simple, direct and ironic way. Most likely you will recognize yourself, ready?

We have already talked in previous articles about our target, the mistakes we have made and how we have remedied. Today, however, we would like to reflect with you on the 5 aspects that our ideal consumer must have. If you are reading this article or already following us, you will probably recognize yourself easily, ready?

You are not afraid to be the first.

In your group of acquaintances, you are that person who always throws himself, who discovers something new and exciting and tries to pass it on to friends. Sometimes you don't feel understood, but for some reason you keep doing it because the novelty excites you.

The products we have developed in our startup are innovative and never seen before, even if they are hangers the revolution is there. We notice that often the people who buy what we propose are the first to encourage us and believe in the project.

You like lightness, but you know how to be serious when needed.

Laughs and jokes, but the moment you need you are always 100% there.  We guess this from the fact that if you are here, it is probably because you are intrigued by our Startup... maybe you met us on social media?

Our communication is very self-deprecating and light, we do not want to be the usual company that wants at all costs to show how professional it is. Behind Letshelter there are people who laugh, argue and believe in the project. As an old high school math professor of mine used to say, "I'm not serious, but I'm serious." and then punctually gave me 4 with a smile.

You love your home, and you love yourself too.

You are a person with many passions and your home is a place to feel safe.  You like the idea that your spaces express something of your personality even in the smallest details.

We can say this with confidence and a little pride: you wouldn't take so well for hangers.

You have strong values.

Your principles are deep, and you are a very careful consumer. You have understood that you want to pay attention to a certain type of market: more attentive to craftsmanship, traditions and respect for the environment. In addition to the product, you can see people and trust their dreams.

Thank you for being so, you are special.

You look like us at least a little.

What we have understood lately is that it is useless to show oneself different from what one is. When you start a business, as difficult as the market is, the thing you need to keep in mind is that you will attract people with the same values and with the same vision of the world.

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