Being perfect is useless if you don't know how to stand out

In this era of history we have everything just a click away, we are surrounded by offers and products of all kinds and we have the impression that someone has already done everything there was to do.

Is it the truth?

If you know us, you know that we can't tell you about bales: the market has never been so saturated.

But if you've read any of our articles, you'll also know that we're incurable optimists... there is always something missing, today we see what.

We start from the assumption that, as much as we can be children of consumerism, we always remain human beings rich in dreams and looking for something that goes beyond the mere product, do you share?

You should do it, because this is something that can be very useful when you want to propose a new service ... now we explain how:

In a world where we've decentralized and lost sight of each other, people need more human connections. It is not so much something to be exploited but to be understood.

It is ignoble to think of profiting from the choices of others for a pure personal return, or rather, it is not part of our values and the vision of the world we want to create.

Now you may be thinking "Nice words, but you sell the hangers..."

Somehow we have to live, don't you think?

The difference lies in how you sell something and why you do it, and this also concerns simple hangers. As we were telling you, that something that is missing is you, it is your uniqueness and as many as the proposals in a market are numerous , no one will ever imitate you if you follow your personal values. How to do it?

There is no magic formula except to know each other deeply, understand your strengths and try to convey them to the fullest: it is a continuous search.

With our startup we always try to learn from those who made it, looking for inspiration and bringing our personal vision on things.  There are people who do not understand and others who fall in love with it, we cannot please everyone, that's right.

Get involved, look for your style and take on the right amount of carelessness to throw yourself and listen to your inner voice: you can't go wrong.

And if you feel the need to receive some more advice, we are here.