Magnetic hanger: can it be trusted?

They are everywhere: from hardware stores to marketplaces like Amazon: but do you trust magnetic hooks? Today we give you some food for thought.

We will never get tired of saying it: your home deserves more, much more!

Stop drilling and piercing walls, it's not like you're in a tattoo and piercing shop. Your house suffers too, have you ever thought of that?

So how do you avoid throwing your jacket, bag or hat on the floor? Simple, with Letshelter's magnetic hangers! No, these are not the usual magnet hooks you find online or at the hardware store, these are a whole other planet. If you don't believe us, then take a look at this video.

**Warning** the following images may shock your sensibilities - in the sense that it really does shock us to see a magnetic hanger falling to the ground and not doing its job!

Letshelter's hangers and hangers hold up to 10 kg and if you want you can try them on without any hassle thanks to free returns (everything is free, even shipping). It's not that we've gone crazy, it's just that we believe in our hangers. But we're not the only ones, check out the Trust Pilot reviews here.