The classic things you say to self-sabotage

There is a voice in our head that always pushes us not to dare and to always stay in the same place where we are, because it is safe and comfortable. What are the things you tell yourself most often

"Nobody cares so much..."

How do you give it as a sure fact? You are not in other people's heads.

Have you tried? If yes and it did not work it is a problem of communication and not of content. Review your target and your strategy, you will see that if you do this job well and constantly the results will come. Do not give up.

"I'll do it when I'm all ready/I've finished the course/ I'll finally feel ready"

It's called baby perfectionism, and you've got a bunch of them. It is not a question of throwing oneself into the void and risking one's life, but of getting involved. No one ever feels perfectly prepared, not even professionals. What can you do? Start from the simple things, give yourself a small concrete and simple goal to complete every day and you will see that even if you believe you do not know enough, there are people who know even less than you.

"I don't have the skills"

Precisely because you feel you don't have any, start cultivating them. You can learn everything in life and if you don't believe it maybe it's because there's a part of you that feels comfortable blaming your shortcomings.

It's easy to feel like a victim when the other option is to take your responsibilities and mistakes into your own hands. See for yourself which is the most convenient choice.

"What if I'm wrong?"

How many times have you fallen as a child before learning to walk? And yet, today you do not go to the post office crawling. Mistakes are part of the game, not to see them as death sentences but as opportunities. No one is born learned.

"If it goes wrong, what do I do?"

You are afraid to believe in it deep down because if your project were to fall on deaf ears the disappointment would be too heavy. But if it's okay what do you do?

The summary of all this is: wake up outside! Time passes and life is too short to doubt oneself . We believe that you can do it but you also have to believe in it, do you have the will?